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Your Liberal Caucus is comprised of thirty-four strong, proud, hard-working Liberal MLAs. Each member upholds the values of the Liberal Party while representing their respective constituents; working in the best interest of all Nova Scotians.

Stephen Gough

MLA - Sackville-Beaver Bank

1000 Sackville Drive
Sackville, Nova Scotia
Canada B4E 0C2

Tel: 902-252-9900
Fax: 902-252-9257

Stephen Gough is one of fourteen children and has lived on his Middle Sackville
homestead all of his life. Stephen has been married to Leah Gough (Colley) for twenty-four years. They have two sons, Jordan, 18 and Alexander, 13.

Stephen began his education at the old Sackville Central School better known as the Beacon House, attended Junior High at Sycamore Lane School and Sackville Heights Junior High and finished high school at Sackville High in 1977. Stephen graduated from Acadia Divinity College in 2010 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Theology and was ordained in Christian ministry in June of 2011.

Stephen’s long and diverse career includes being the DJ for a very popular cable radio show in the 80’s called the “Funk Plaza” which ran for 9 years. Stephen has been a transmission technician for more than thirty-six years, and for more than fifteen years ran Sackville Transmission. Stephen is in his seventh year of ministry at the Gibson Woods Baptist Church in the Annapolis Valley and in his second year as pastor at the Mount Beulah Baptist Church in Weymouth Falls. Stephen also serves as the president of the board of the Wallace Lucas Community Centre in Lucasville.

One of Stephen’s passions is working with youth. Stephen has worked to strengthen relationships between parents, teachers and peers.

Stephen has chosen to put his name forward as a Liberal candidate in the next provincial election because he recognizes that our community can be so much more as it rapidly grows. Stephen believes that there are many people in our community that need help but are not able to speak for themselves. Stephen can remember the Sackville of more than forty years ago and recognize that a community of this size holds many future opportunities. Hard work is no stranger to Stephen and that is what it is going to take to make the very best of what we have as a community.


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