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Your Liberal Caucus is comprised of thirty-four strong, proud, hard-working Liberal MLAs. Each member upholds the values of the Liberal Party while representing their respective constituents; working in the best interest of all Nova Scotians.

The Hon. Leo Glavine

Minister of Health and Wellness, and Seniors - Kings West

694 Main Street
PO Box 250
Kingston, Nova Scotia
Canada B0P 1R0

Tel: 902-765-4083
Fax: 902-765-4176

The Honourable Leo A. Glavine is the MLA for Kings West as well as the Minister of Health and Wellness, and Seniors. Leo was first elected to the Nova Scotia House of Assembly as MLA for Kings West in 2003 and was re-elected in 2006, 2009 and 2013, with larger majorities each year. Leo has always believed in serving others. His entire life has been devoted to public service.

As an educator and school administrator, Leo was mindful of teaching to each individual’s needs. He believed in the strengths of each student. He also knew that part of his job was to be a role model. For this reason, he strived to set the example of a caring citizen who worked hard to achieve his goals.

With regard to physical activity, Leo demonstrates his belief that physical fitness and recreational opportunities are important for our physical and mental well-being. As a coach of multiple youth sports teams for over 30 years, Leo was tough, but fair. As Minister of Health and Wellness, like when he was a coach and teacher, he tries to model best practices.

Leo also served as a volunteer firefighter for 15 years. As a firefighter, he was able to not only physically help the victims of tragedy but also emotionally help them, which demonstrated his passion for public service.

As an MLA, Leo tirelessly represents his constituents and advocates for their needs. In his positions as Provincial Health Critic, Education Critic, Agricultural Critic, Gaming Critic and Deputy Speaker of the House of Assembly, Leo has had a strong, compassionate voice in affecting policy to improve the lives of all Nova Scotians. Leo has gained the experience and knowledge to affect change on a larger scale by meeting with and listening to people for many years. In his new position as the Minister of Health and Wellness, it is his goal to improve the lives of many, without losing sight of the individual.

Leo believes in the interconnectivity of all aspects of life and that the strength of one is dependent on the strength of the other. All departments and all people must work for one common goal: the improvement of life in Nova Scotia.

Strategy to Better Support those with Dementia, Families, Caregivers
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